Orange : Pornography and Depression for Android Free download

Orange : Pornography and Depression for Android

Orange : Pornography and Depression for Android

Release date: May 06, 2020

Publisher: Berbers Development

OS: Android

Price: Free

Downloaded: 612

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Being unable to stop using porn or stop engaging in the behaviors associated with porn, despite repeated attempts to do so. Approximately 9% of viewers reported that they had made unsuccessful attempts to stop.

Experiencing cravings to view porn.

Much like substance users report feeling strong urges to use drugs, porn addicts can experience strong urges to view porn.

In this treatment app, you will teach how to stop watching harmful video and how to

stop masturbating. And it will instill the skills you need to replace porn with habits that

will make you flourish.this app will show you why pornography dependence is such a

challenge and much more importantly how this program helps to change it. But before

you can understand how to cure your pornography dependence you must first

understand what happens in the brain when you view pornography. Remember that

you can't quit porn without replacing it by any other habit. Replacement is the key to

quit porn. No one ever quit porn by just quitting harmful video. Something has to fill

the void and a lifestyle change must occur. Its everything I did and used to be porn


tells you go watch porn. Instead you will make your brain tell you to do something much more interesting for you.

masturbation addiction and reboot your brain. By rebooting your brain, you will break the reward pathways in your brain that

Through video hub app you will break free from porn addiction. You will get help to break your vicious circle of porn and

Reborn Features:

- Reasons for your addictions.

- Solutions to fight your addiction.

- Complete control over the periods you set since you quit addiction.

- feel powerless to resist the urge to view porn.

- frequently spend more time or money on porn than I initially intended.

- have made many unsuccessful attempts to limit or stop viewing porn.

- Complete rebooting system hub guide.

- Daily Advice.

- Alternative activities to porn guide.

- Porn addiction guide.

- Regularly updated guide.

- Scientific articles on porn addiction.

- What can porn and masturbation do to you on the long term.

Stop porn addiction treatment hub app will motivates you to fight with your masturbation addiction. This app give you 30 days without masturbation

challenge to complete. This app will take you from journey of chicken to lion.

this app hub for recover from your porn addiction with a professional videos and guide for free

Through video hub app you will break free from porn addiction. You will get help to break your vicious circle of porn and

This App does not present themselves as a spying on your data or secret surveillance and does not contains Viruses, Trojan horses, malware, spyware or any other malicious software also is not any related functionality or plugins.




Operating system Android
Publisher Berbers Development
File size Not Available
Version 1.0
Release date May 06, 2020
Category Entertainment Software
Sub category Entertainment Software
Requirements Requires Android 4.0.3 and up


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