Kids Trip To Village Farm for iPhone Free download

Kids Trip To Village Farm for iPhone

Kids Trip To Village Farm for iPhone

Release date: May 06, 2020

Publisher: Kamran haider


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Hello! Today Im going to tell you my farm story. I live in a beautiful village with green field, grass and trees. There is lot of other farmhouse spread on acres. We live beyond the traffic and rush of the city life, eat fresh fruit and vegetables and live in broad house like heroes of our town. We are a happy family, we are farmer, gardener and planner, we harvest, we take fresh milk from cows and make yogurt, yeast, cheese, we dont take flight or drive cars, we ride on horse when we travel, we love nature, we eat fresh eggs, chicken, mutton, beef, meat and fish, we all have same home design, we build little and tiny gardens full of plant in our house, we enjoy seaside life, our kids play outdoor games with pet animals, pet rescue and animal care is our duty, we dont need salon for hair and face, we have natural beauty by fresh fruit and vegetation. Building a farm is far more interesting than city car driving. We live neat and clean and wash our pets too with cool canal water. We drive tractor, use wheel cart, teeth brush and other tool while farming. We play and feed chick, puppy, baby cow and birds. Our kids love building bird nest of various colors. We enjoy color of sparrow and parrot. After school, we dont rest, we used to do gardening, cut dried flowers and grow more fresh plant and build fence around them, we are our assistant, we used to hear sound of nature every day, We cut fields when they ripe, that is convert into flour in machine.

So lets farm with us with the amazing farming simulator for girls. My Family Town Farm Story is a virtual farming guide and one of the best learning games for kids




Operating system iOS
Publisher Kamran haider
File size Not Available
Release date May 06, 2020
Category Games
Sub category Other Games
Requirements Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


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